Dear Patients,

After so many weeks of mandated closure due to COVID-19, we are happy to serve you once again. EVERYTHING IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY MOVING FORWARD! Vigilance is still necessary, however, as we must balance getting our life back to normal while keeping you and our office staff safe. In this effort, we are enforcing our staff and all our patients to adopt the following protocols designed to minimize risk of everyone in the office. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated.

For our patients

  • 1) Please be forthcoming about any symptoms COVID prior to your appointment time. We will gladly reschedule your appointment for a later date.
  • 1) COVID symptoms: fever, chills, muscle ache, cough, general fatigue, diarrhea, loss of smell/taste
  • 2) We require every patient to wear a surgical style mask while in the office. No handkerchiefs or scarf style masks please. Patients can remove their mask and put on a clear face shield provided by our opticians when trying on frames.
  • 3) Please limit the number of attendants accompanying you to your appointment. We will allow only the patient into the exam room unless there is need for assistance. We may ask your attendant(s) to wait in the car during the duration of your visit.
  • 4) We will set up a phone call appointment to go over your medical and ocular history prior to your appointment. Please be as thorough as possible and have a list of all your medications ready to review with our staff. Alternatively, you may complete our office forms at home and send back to us electronically. If neither of the options are possible, please arrive early for your appointment and text or call our office when you arrive, and we will bring out the forms for you to fill out in your own vehicle.
  • 5) Please wait for our opticians to assist you in frame selection. They are expert in helping you find a great looking frame that matches the needs of your prescription. You may also verbally direct them to any frame you find attractive and they will bring it to you.
  • 6) Please use our contactless credit card systems such as apple pay or google pay. Please limit use of currency for your purchases. We will also keep a credit card on file through our merchant services provider (your data is secure and also not kept in the office).
  • 7) Please place pens you’ve used in the appropriate container for disinfection. The containers are dispersed throughout our office.
  • 8) We are significantly reducing our capacity in order to better protect each and every patient and our staff, a process that will likely generate a significant backlog and a long waitlist for appointments. We ask for your patience in this time. As a courtesy to other patients, we kindly ask you to come on time.
  • 9) NO SHOW POLICY: Please inform us as soon as possible if you cannot make your appointment time so we can help you reschedule your appointment and be able to have another patient take up your original appointment time.


There will be a $25 no-show fee for cancellations within 24 hours of appointment time.