When It Comes to Your Eyewear, Leave It Up to the Professionals

Living in the 21st century, many aspects of our lives have transitioned from in-person services to digital platforms promising to provide personalized selections based purely on computer algorithms. However, when it comes to eyecare and eyewear selection, the doctors at Clarion Optometry Group still believe that an in-person comprehensive eye exam and meeting with a highly trained optician are key factors in promoting better eye health and receiving the best vision experience possible. Our team of dedicated professionals are here to understand and then guide our patients’ eyewear selections to ensure their eyewear is individualized to meet their unique needs without jeopardizing quality and safety.

During a meeting with one of our seasoned opticians the patient’s individual needs and vision experience is at the forefront of discussion, alongside taking careful measurements for the placement of the prescription. Do you like to read by the pool on a hot day? Do you want glasses that allow you to see from the dashboard to the road without jeopardizing your vision? Are you having difficulty seeing the computer clearly? There are just some of the questions that each optician-patient encounter considers when selecting eyewear. In addition, our opticians are tasked with taking several careful measurements to ensure the proper placement of the prescription in the selected frame. These include pupillary distances (PD) and optical center (OC). Glasses with multifocals or high prescriptions also require additional measurements to provide appropriate functionality.

Having quality lenses is only half the job of having a great pair of glasses. Frame selection plays a big role in your vision experience. Our opticians take their time understanding a patient’s style, and life-style needs and preferences to guide their frame selection. With these aspects in mind, opticians work to find eyewear that will optimize the lenses and prescription needed for each and every patient. Although it seems straightforward, our team keeps in mind the density of the lens material, fields of vision needed, and much more to maintain quality, comfort and style.

To learn more about the importance of in-person comprehensive eye exams and eyewear check out this article by Essilor, https://www.essilorusa.com/newsroom/why-you-need-to-pick-up-your-glasses-at-the-eye-doctors-office, or call us at (760) 228-2020 to schedule an appointment with our team!

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